Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Mike Hao from Aurora. 

The Italian decorative plaster and paint finish can introduce movement to your walls and together with light, can really create something unique for every interior. Paint or wall paper can just be added to a wall, but a decorative plaster finish can provide an instant decoration in your space. The material, finish and texture of the plaster creates an ambience within your interior and home. 

The Aurora product collection has been selected to give individuals a way to transform their creativity into reality with no limits in colour, texture and thickness. With Aurora decorative coatings it is possible to attain the desired surface: smooth or thick, geometric or abstract, glossy or matt, old or new look. Every interior needs something special and plaster is the way to achieve this ambition with the most cost-effect material and low maintenance.

Texture + Colours
italian plaster stone
Concrete gives surfaces the solid, tactile, appearance of a naturally aged cement, creating a modern settings of a refined underground atmosphere. The variety of effects and methods of application gives a unique result and a strong material identity, which is ideal for customised design environments, lofts and contemporary architecture.

italian plaster metallic

Metallic effects are suitable for elegant, classical and modern designed homes. With numerous decorative effects, plays of light and the reflections it can create, this surface finish can satisfy any aesthetic requirements. The unmistakable style of this decorative finish lends itself to a very tasteful atmosphere and gives instant expression its environment.

Stone finishes can be achieved using aged lime plaster combined with the right application techniques, the lime is natural anti-mildew and bactericidal product. Perfectly stable and durable, it maintains the breathability of the surface unaltered, by virtue of the high permeability to water vapour, so it is suitable for wet areas. You can obtain a variety of finishes such as split stone, polished marble stone or engraved stone and metallic paint can be used to highlight the veins in order to create a truly unique finish.

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